Hell's Rebels

Eventful protest

or "Occupy Kintargo"

Everyone arrived at the protest individually. Lindelle tried to fire the crowd up while Brenna sought to keep passions cool. Danton failed to be an effective pickpocket while Tyberius was rewarded for sending another one scurrying off.

Eventually, Barzillai Thrune addressed the crowd with a proclamation that sowed further unrest, prompting Thrune to order his henchwoman(?) Nox to set the guards on the protestors. A number of people in the crowd revealed themselves to be violent Thrune supporters. The PCs fought back, but as more and more trained and armored guards began joining the fight, with Nox soon bringing in reinforcements and a fire-breathing Devil Hound, they had little choice but to withdraw.


conorrdelaney CrowMagnon

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