Loot List

Loot List

A List of all the items and money the Group has obtained during the campaign.

Item How Much Where From Dibs? Sell?

115,605 gp, 7 sp, 6 cp

Crate of Clothes (2) 200 gp each Underground Railroad   Yes
Roll of Copper Wire 25 gp Fantasmagorium   No
Vial of Lich Dust Poison (2) 200 gp each Lucky Bones Treasure Room   No
Folding Boat 3600 gp Lucky Bones Treasure Room   No
Spyglass   Sunken Ship    
Flask of Elixir of Truth 750 gp Aboleth's Lair   No
Crossbow Bolts (186) 1 gp each Menador Keep   No
Tindertwig (30) 5 sp each Menador Keep   No
Elixir of Hiding (3) 125 gp each Menador Keep   No
Handy Haversack (7120 gp)        
History of Kintargo ? Opera House    
Book of Gainful Exercise +1 13750 gp Opera House Lindelle?  
Application of Stone Salve   Silver Star    
Wand of Modify Memory (10 charges)   Silver Star    
Purple Worm Poison (3) 350 gp each Speakeasy    

+2 Defending Bladed Scarf

  Temple of Asmodeus    
Chainmail Barding +2 (2)   Temple of Asmodeus    
Talisman of Pure Good (1 use)   Temple of Asmodeus    
Rod of Cancellation (1 use)   Temple of Asmodeus    
Orb of Storms   Temple of Asmodeus    
Scroll of Resurrection   Temple of Asmodeus    
Ring Gates   Temple of Asmodeus    
Spell Storing Sawtooth Saber +2   Temple of Asmodeus    
Minor Crown of Blasting   Temple of Asmodeus    
Phylactery of Positive Channeling   Temple of Asmodeus    
Gem of Brightness (20 charges)   Temple of Asmodeus    
Incense of Meditation   Temple of Asmodeus    
Elixir of Truth (2)   Temple of Asmodeus    
Candle of Truth   Temple of Asmodeus    
Silver Raven (Cursed)   Temple of Asmodeus    
Goggles of Minute Seeing   Temple of Asmodeus    
Headband of Intelligence (Craft: Clockwork and UMD)   Temple of Asmodeus    

Important Loot

Item How Much Where From Holding
Silver Raven Figurines of Wondrous Power (6) 1900 gp each Abandoned Raven HQ  
Documents in Multiple Languages Abandoned Raven HQ Rexus
Reference Books 1600 gp

Many Steps Monastery

+4 competence bonus to History or Local checks made at HQ

Book of Notes   Lucky Bones Treasure Room  
Contract Bewteen Thrune and Hei-Fen   Speakeasy  


Loot List

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